The Parsons Redeemed

     Johnny and Julie Parsons have been married for over 21 years.  They have known each other for most of their lives. Their roots go deep in gospel music. This is actually  how they met  as children.

     Johnny and his  parents, J.D. and Joyce Parsons had a country gospel group called, "The Parsons Family." They traveled all around the state of Georgia and several bordering states, singing the good news!

   Julie got her start at a very young age. She  began singing publicly around 6 years old.  Her Dad and Uncle had a gospel singing group that they called," The Eastern Sky Quartet."

   The Parsons family and The Eastern Sky Quartet  would sing at some of the same churches and this is how they met.


   Fast forward about 30 years and you have The Parsons Redeemed, who are originally  from  the Atlanta area . Johnny and Julie, along with their two sons, Nathan and John travel full-time ministering through song.  They desire to know the Lord deeper and to make Him known. The songs that they sing are mostly original, but they very much enjoy the time honored hymns, country and southern gospel music, as well as some contemporary worship.

   Johnny does a wonderful job of leading  and he loves to play the acoustic guitar. Julie stands by his side singing harmonies and occasionally lead. Nathan is an excellent tenor singer and great keyboardist. John floats around from the bass guitar to the cajon and is stepping into bass vocals at the ripe age of 15 years old!


Nathan Parsons

John Parsons